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Project: Dark is a tabletop roleplaying and storytelling game played with regular six-sided dice and traditional poker decks—one deck per player. We’re crafting our own custom poker deck now, based on the game’s fantastical city but you can play using the cards and dice you already have, too!


Diamonds represent Guile—your brilliance, wit, and ingenuity.


Spades stand for Finesse—covert, precise, and elegant.


Hearts are Mettle—confidence, persuasion, and swagger.


Clubs mean Force—overt strength and might.

Play a variety of ready-made characters or create your own to fit your style of play. Thievery, skullduggery, and housebreaking are dangerous work in the worlds of Dark — yet the treasures that await are profound. Fortunately, your character is reliable, capable, and stealthy. But how and why does your character infiltrate the castles and other forbidden places of the world?

Ready-to-play characters include…

Nystra the Infiltrator,
Drovaigne the Bandit Queen,
Kosima the Sorceress,
and Astrid the Enchanting.

The City on the Saturnine offers a vast and varied playground for fantastical stealth adventures full of intrigue, mysticism, and marvelous treasures to steal. This city is a thriving, adaptable world—experience the development of your campaign’s City on the Saturnine through a series of thrilling adventure stories or open-world escapades.

Complete game rules on sale soon!









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